About us

Welcome to the website.  My name is Sue and my interest in dog grooming began when I got my first Border Collie 14 years ago.  After several years of grooming my own dogs I decided to train and set up a small business from home.  I completed the professional training course at Scotgroom which is the top dog grooming training centre in Scotland. I have also trained with Colin Taylor, a championship dog groomer at his academy in London.

I am passionate about giving each dog the care and attention that they deserve whether they are a once only visitor or come back on a regular basis. I am non-judgmental and professional in my approach to my work and at all times the welfare of your dog is my top priority. I can help you to decide on how you would like your dog to look whilst considering what may be best for your pet.

Visit my facebook page for news and to see pictures of some of my work.